Food & Environmental Justice


The CCCE supports programs that engage students in environmental issues tied to community wellbeing and sustainability. The Center recognizes that food production, waste, energy, and food insecurity are all intertwined and envisions a world of equitable environmental access and responsible stewardship. As a cohort, we coordinate programming, events and conversations to realize this goal.

As in all areas of the CCCE programming, the Center’s environmental systems programs are intended to promote student learning, reflection, growth, and development, while encouraging students to become engaged citizens locally, nationally, and globally. We seek to develop meaningful and reciprocal relationships with our community partners that last beyond individual students’ time at Carleton.

Students On Bald Spot

Education Equity

Education programs focus on students in the Northfield and Faribault public school districts. Both districts are striving to improve the equity of their schools in the context of rapidly changing demographics and the welcoming of thousands of new citizens and residents.

CCCE Fellows and Carleton volunteers actively tutor and mentor students across college access programs, homework help, after-school, community school, and community college collaborative programming.

Red Cross Blood Drive

Health & Belonging

The Health & Belonging cohort strives to connect students with community partners to improve the community’s health as well as bring education about pertinent health and well-being topics to campus.

Medicine and mentorship are the main missions of our programming, and we work to support students involved with groups such as the Northfield Hospital Volunteer Program, HealthFinders Collaborative, Project Friendship and the Red Cross Blood Drive. We provide students with opportunities to participate in healthcare settings and gain the skills and experiences necessary to enter healthcare professions. Past educational programming has included events such as SEXploration, a week of forums, performances and presentations about sexual health, a panel on the opioid epidemic featuring community health workers, and a collaboration with an ACE course about the ebola epidemic.

The work of our cohort supports the UN Health Development goals of Good Health and Well-Being, Quality Education, and Gender Equality. We place a high value on the ideas and opinions of students and our Community Partners and use their input in the creation of new programming.

Carleton Rally

Peace, Conflict & Democracy

Peace, Conflict & Democracy is an area that seeks to engender conversation about the root causes of inequality, injustice and violence. We address current local and global issues through lectures, community conversations, film screenings, podcast listening and discussion sessions.

One major theme within this focus area is migration, which cuts across many aspects of the CCCE’s work. Paper Airplanes, a CCCE program created by then-student Bailey Ulbricht ’15 that provides virtual tutoring to Syrian refugees, has spread to over 60 Colleges.