Interested in promoting ACE on campus, facilitating other students’ reflection on their learning and experiences, and/or analyzing the impact of ACE courses? Consider becoming an ACE Fellow!

4 people sit in a circle inside the trailer
2022-23 ACE Fellows and Associate Director for Academic Civic Engagement and Scholarship Emily Seru meet in the CHAT trailer

The CCCE hires approximately 20 fellows, including several ACE fellows, each year. This is a campus job, 10 hours per week during the academic year. Applications open in the middle of winter term and close first week of spring term, and positions start the following fall.

ACE fellows work on:

  • Enhancing student understanding of what ACE is
  • Building and testing methods to assess student learning
  • Telling the story of ACE (interviews, student profiles)
  • Facilitating ACE reflection and developing reflection tools
  • Connecting other CCCE cohorts and work to ACE courses
  • & more!

Questions? Contact Emily @eseru. The current ACE fellows are also happy to answer questions!