Community Partner Appreciation Event a Huge Success

10 May 2022

The Carleton College Center for Community and Civic Engagement Community Partner Appreciation Event was held on March 1. President Alison Byerly spoke to the assembled group and Sinda Nichols spoke in gratitude for the work we do together. It was so good to see community partners from the Rice County Community along with Carleton faculty, students, and staff. After such a long break from in-person events, we enjoyed the time to mingle with others and to informally deepen community connections. There will be other opportunities to get to know each other, but this was a wonderful start. 

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Community Partner Appreciation Event 2022
Community Partner Inputting Ideas
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Welcomers at the CPA
Anna Hori ’22, Francine Legba ’23 and Erica Zweifel P’21 Assistant Director for Community Impact
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Community Appreciation Event 2022

Community Partner Appreciation Event 2022