CCCE in The Carletonian

15 November 2019

This term the CCCE has been featured multiple times in The Carletonian. Here are some excerpts from the articles and links to read more:

Guest Lecturer Mariana Hernández Burg delivers talk on indigenous activism in Mexico

On Thursday, November 7, the Gould Library Athenaeum was filled with students, faculty and community members eager to hear guest lecturer Mariana Hernández Burg present a talk entitled “Resistance to Counter-Insurgency in Southern Mexico.”

Hernández Burg is a community organizer and public educator with a degree in anthropology who has taught about language, culture and bilingual education in Mexico City. She is currently the head professor at the Autonomous University of Social Movements (AUSM) in Chiapas, Mexico, where she teaches students from the United States how to work towards social change.

Caro Carty ’20, a Sociology/Anthropology major, met Hernández Burg when they studied abroad with AUSM in Chiapas during their junior year. “I have learned so much from Mariana about what it means to be a community member and activist,” said Carty.

With this in mind, Carty worked with the Center for Community and Civic Engagement’s Peace and Conflict Cohort, the Department of Political Science and the Carleton Student Association Senate to bring Hernández Burg to campus.

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Laura Baker offers Carleton students a chance to engage with the community

“Carleton bubble” is a term we are familiar with. Many of us will spend four years here without really living in Northfield, the place we all call home. You may have walked down to Blue Monday or Little Joy and counted it as your “interaction” of the week with the town and not know the person who made your latte. After a whole year of this lifestyle, I realized there was something I was missing out on. One of these things is Laura Baker.

In a time when people with disabilities were being institutionalized, Laura Baker opened its door to provide them with assistance to be part of the community and attempt to remove the stigma of disabilities present in society. Founded in 1897, Laura Baker Services is an institution that could provide insight and opportunities for Carls who are interested in public service, medicine, disability services and more.

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Student organization ‘Adopt-a-Grandparent’ connects Carls with elderly community residents

Every Sunday afternoon, a group of Carleton students take a well deserved break from studying and drive to Three Links Care Center, where their “grandparents” live. These students are part of the CCCE volunteer program aptly titled Adopt-a-Grandparent, which matches students with elderly residents at a local nursing home. For an hour on Sundays, students visit with their “buddies” and provide companionship.

Sara Liu ’22, one of the group’s two Program Directors, describes a typical visit: “Student-buddy pairs usually chat for an hour, swapping stories. Some buddies are more introverted and prefer to do activities like puzzles or watching television.”

For the elderly residents, the transition to life in a nursing home setting can be a difficult and lonely. Liu explains that many of the residents “grew up in large families, always surrounded by loved ones. Now, they stay in a room by themselves for most of the day or with a roommate they generally don’t talk to.

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