The CCCE is a resource for educational resources related to civic action, social change strategies, Carleton’s local community context, and specific issue areas of interest to students. We strive to be collaborators and contributors to the work of our colleagues across campus. Please reach out to Sinda Nichols to explore or request a collaboration.

CCCE student fellows are peer leaders who are available to help co-create educational events, speakers, workshops, and tell social change stories with and for peers on campus. Fellows focus their leadership on the following core areas:

  • Educational Equity
  • Food & Environmental Justice
  • Health & Belonging
  • Peace, Conflict & Democracy
  • Communications, telling stories of civic and community engagement at Carleton
  • Academic Civic Engagement, supporting course-based civic engagement

CCCE professional staff offer expertise in student development, including facilitating workshops related to:

  • Social change strategies
  • Civic agency and skills for doing democracy
  • Self-awareness regarding power in positionality in change and community work
  • Our local Northfield and Faribault community context
  • Experiential learning meaning-making and reflective practice
  • Democratic and participatory processes for co-creating belonging and community in academic and co-curricular spaces
  • Participatory and community-engaged approaches to research and knowledge-production

Community partners are our valued co-educators who contribute important forms of knowledge that draw on the world beyond the walls of the academy. We are available to provide consultation on developing community engagement projects that center values of co-creation and reciprocity. Contact Erica Zweifel at to explore whether working with a local partner could be mutually beneficial.