Imagining America: Arts and Humanities in Public Life

A consortium of universities and organizations dedicated to advancing the public and civic purposes of humanities, arts, and design.

Campus Compact

A national coalition of more than 1,100 college and university presidents—representing some 6 million students—who are committed to fulfilling the civic purposes of higher education.

What is Engaged Scholarship?

A Campus Compact Bibliography

Scholarship in Public: Knowledge Creation and Tenure Policy in the Engaged University

Imagining America Tenure Team Initiative Report

Technology to Engage in Public Scholarship Resource Website (Carleton ITS- Academic Technology)

Resources on Wikipedia, Omeka, GIS, Reason, and WordPress from the 2015 Winter Workshop for Faculty/Staff

Center for a Public Anthropology

The Center encourages scholars and their students to address public problems in public ways and fosters accountability in higher education.