Detail from an artist's book
Detail from In the Beginning, an artist’s book by Irene Stoutland ’21

You are an eyewitness to history.

We are living in a global pandemic. It can feel overwhelming and disorienting, but at some point in the future others will want to make sense of this moment. The future needs your history to be part of the record.

Members of the Carleton community — students, alumni, employees, and neighbors — can contribute to preserving our memories of this truly historic moment. Below you will find three ideas for contributing to a future archive. Please choose one of the three ideas and do your best to contribute or write regularly.

You do not need to worry about others reading or seeing your materials in the near future. If you like, you can simply say that anything you donate to the Carleton archives or the Rice County Digital Collaborative, either as hard copy or in digital form, must be closed to researchers for up to fifty years. If you have any questions, please contact professor Serena Zabin, Broom Fellow for Public Scholarship.

If you are interested in contributing, please see the pages below and the Carleton COVID-19 Archive. Please use the form on the archive’s website to submit items as well as register your interest or intent in contributing a journal or scrapbook.

You are also welcome to submit other items to the archive that speak to the experiences of the pandemic in Carleton and its communities. For more information, you can find details on the Carleton COVID-19 Archive website.

This Eyewitness to History Project is a partnership between the Broom Fellowship for Public Scholarship and the Public Works Initiative. Elizabeth Budd, Program Associate for the Public Works Initiative, is the administrator of the Carleton COVID-19 Archive.