The Broom Public Scholarship grant was a great help in my quest to visit the “anarchive” OVNI (Observatory of Non-Identified Video) in Barcelona, Spain. I spent four days talking to the founding members and doing research inside the archive (watching works of video-activists from all over the world). As a result of this research trip, I understood how an anarchive works.

I am writing a guide with the purpose of assisting researchers and students who want to access OVNI and its open content. I also spent my time in Barcelona brainstorming ideas for a possible subscription service for libraries interested in accessing this kind of archive. Right now, it is impossible to access 75 percent of the archive because its content is closed and only accessible from the Contemporary Culture Center in Barcelona. I worked with the co-founder on a draft of a proposal for a possible subscription service through university libraries so that professors can access these archives from abroad.

Both the guide to the archive and the proposal for subscription will be included as part of the “Artivism in the 21st Century” project. This website is an open archive project that appears in Carleton’s edublogs. It is free to access and it is continuously being updated.