Make a digital scrapbook. Create a modern commonplace book of the digital materials that you and others are producing that relate to our current global pandemic.

So much of the material that passes through our social media is transient. This is a chance to collect at least a little of it for posterity.

As Professor Herbert Braun has noted, Many of us are writing today and producing our work on social media. It is an explosion. You can gather these voices, these experiences, all this creativity. They are all a record of our times. These voices are urgent.”

We need you to collect and explain the materials you are finding and producing on social media. Create a digital file of memes, videos, clips, and images. For each item, briefly and thoughtfully describe what you found compelling about it. Please be sure that you have a date (day, month, and year) attached to each file. If possible, please include a URL.

Here are some ideas for what you could put in your digital file

  • Share a meme to your digital file and explain it to the next generation.
  • Take a picture of a craft you are learning (sourdough, anyone?). Explain why or how this craft has become part of your life.
  • Screen grab a list of what you’ve already watched on Netflix. 
  • List the songs on your coronavirus playlist
  • Upload a video of your quarantine walks, or of drone video taken by others.