Carleton’s CCCE engages with the broader community, working alongside our community partners to address community-identified goals. We co-educate with our community partners through long-term reciprocal relationships. Our community partners bring their knowledge, experience and structure to the table and we blend that with our student, staff and faculty resources, energy in an intentional response to community partner goals.

The CCCE community does this reciprocal work through ACE classes and collaborations, student-led programming, campus-wide events and special projects. It is a joy to connect and engage with our neighbors.

Shaping Our Shared Future: Advancing Equity through Community and Civic Engagement—June 16 and 17, 2021

The CCCE is facilitating a two-day workshop focusing on participatory co-creation among community members, students, staff, and faculty as we strive to be ethical in our action and advance social and racial justice. 

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Community-Based Work Study

For more information on Community-Based Work Study, please visit Paid Work & Fellowships. If you have questions, please contact us.

Summer Internships

Thank you for your interest in hiring Carleton students! The Career Center, the Chaplain’s office and the CCCE facilitate internship opportunities. Carleton College uses Handshake to post jobs and internships and collect candidate application materials and host virtual interviews. Winter Break is an excellent time to post summer internships as students are beginning to plan ahead for their summer experiences.

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Job Posting Tips

  • We desire to help your opportunities catch the eyes of students.  For some quick tips, click here.
  • In addition to the Career Center job posting tips, we encourage you to highlight the capacity building opportunities of your internship. If you have questions or need further information, please contact us.

Ways We Can Help You

The Career Center can help you get your opportunities in front of the right students. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for additional ways to connect with students. Discover ways we can partner with you.

  • Social Media: The Carleton Career Center is active on both Instagram and Facebook. Let us know about your organization and we’ll do our best to send it out through these sources.
  • Weekly Emails: Our office sends out weekly emails to students, notifying them of upcoming events and key job and internship deadlines. Let us know and we can feature your opportunity as key deadlines arise.
  • Posters and Weekly News Bulletin: We are happy to feature your organization and/or opportunity through the Career Center’s weekly ad in the student and faculty News Bulletin. In addition, share a poster with us and we will display copies around campus for greater visibility.
  • Academic Departments: We work closely with all of our academic departments and offices around campus. We are happy to share your information and opportunities with key faculty and staff.
  • Interview Scheduling: Once you have received resumes through your posting, we can contact the students on your behalf to schedule a virtual or in-person interview through our office.
  • And More! Give us a call to connect so we can understand your hiring needs and share them with the Carleton community.  View our on campus recruiting options.