Hello from CCCE Fellows Abroad

22 October 2019

While still bustling with action, the CCCE is a little quieter this fall. There are names and faces on our fellows poster that you don’t see in the office. Where are our lovely fellows? Six of them are spread across the world, from Bolivia to Ghana to London, participating in off-campus studies programs.

It is common for students to take on more administrative responsibilities as they progress in their Carleton career. For that reason, many come to the CCCE in their junior year and inevitably spend some of that time abroad. Many students find their time participating in OCS programs to be some of the most transformative months of their Carleton career.

I was able to get a few updates from some of our fellows.

Jelilat Odubayo, CIEE: Arts and Sciences in Legon

On why she chose her Off Campus Studies program, forming community, and her favorite part of being abroad.

  • I wanted to live in West Africa, and learn in a non-Western institution. My program is a direct-enrollment one at the University of Ghana – Legon.
  • I have been trying to be mindful of my time spent with other international students from the United States. That being said, I have grown rather close with some international students through weekend activities organized by our program. Even so, I am trying to place emphasis on connecting with local students. I have been meeting local students through class and after class chats.
  • Being around black people all the time. Having distance and some perspective with regard to my life in the States. 

Nick Pomper, Political Science department at University College London

On why he chose his Off Campus Studies program, what he’s looking forward to about returning to Carleton, and his favorite part of being abroad.

  • I chose to study here because UCL is well known for its Political Science department (my major) as well as its location in an exciting global city. I was also intrigued about studying EU politics in Britain during Brexit.
  • I’m pumped to get started with CCCE for the first time as a fellow. I’ve volunteered before and I’m hoping CCCE will bring an interesting new dimension to volunteer work. There are also a lot of exciting classes that I’ve been looking at that I want to take. I also miss my friends so I can’t wait to see them.
  • I would say that the best thing is the different experience it has provided me to Carleton. I feel like I’m learning a lot and I’ll be able to come back to campus with new perspectives. The food variety of London compared to Northfield is also huge.

Lena Stein, SIT Bolivia: multiculturalism, globalization, and social change

On why she chose her Off Campus Studies program, forming community, and what she’s looking forward to about returning to Carleton.

  • I wanted to come to Bolivia to learn more about Latin America and how indigenous groups view/work towards social change, especially under some government structures that have changed fairly significantly recently.
  • So far, we have spent a lot of time meeting with various community organizations and government/school ONG leaders, but it’s also been cool to get to know my host family, their friends, and different ways people spend time in Cochabamba.
  • Looking forward to seeing my sweet Carleton community when I get back. Also, strangely enough, the reliability of dining hall food.

April Reisenfeld, IFSA-Butler program at University College London 

On forming community, what she’s looking forward to about returning to Carleton, and her favorite part of being abroad.

  • My time abroad so far has been an incredible way to meet new people. I have made friends through the program, as well as in my flat and classes. Joining societies has also been a great way to meet people and enjoy my time off campus.
  • I am most excited to see all my friends again. I am also very excited to get back to my professors, department, and on-campus responsibilities. 
  • I have been enjoying the independence and plethora of experiences that can be had while abroad. I love how completely different my time here is compared to my time at Carleton. 

Everyone at the CCCE is looking forward to having our fellows back with us this winter. For now though, we hope they continue to take advantage of all that their programs have to offer.