The Center for Community & Civic Engagement creates and sustains opportunities for meaningful engagement for the Carleton community to deepen learning, broaden knowledge, and develop reciprocal relationships locally, nationally, and globally. Through thoughtful action, analysis, and reflection, the Center promotes integration of engagement with the College’s deep commitments to student development, teaching, learning, and scholarship.


To engage in inclusive, sustainable, reciprocal relationships that foster student learning and faculty development, fulfill community identified needs, and promote an equitable and peaceful society.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding issues in their real world complexity
  • Recognizing and honoring different forms of knowledge that may reside in/with community partners
  • Awareness of your positionality, or who you are as you seek to do civic engagement efforts (such as gender, race, and/or socioeconomic background)
  • Doing — how can you take your course content and do something with it beyond the classroom while learning in the process
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Nurturing a commitment to life-long civic engagement

Strategic Objectives for 2017-2022

Overall Objective: Affirm the student learning objectives already in place for the CCCE and continue to consider the fulfillment of these goals as the measure for the success of our CCCE efforts.

  1. Continue to support student learning by focusing the Center’s programs, projects, and trainings on the CCCE’s identified student learning objectives.
  2. Align with the long term goals of our key community and on-campus partners.
  3. Grow CCCE’s work to encompass multiple levels from the local to the regional and global, including fostering connections between global issues and local programming.
  4. Enhance CCCE’s communications efforts to foster a clearer understanding of the role of the CCCE and its mission at Carleton and in the Community.
  5. Continue to address structural barriers to equal opportunities for community and civic engagement and strengthen our efforts to create an inclusive, diverse and accessible Center for all.
  6. Strengthen, in collaboration with the Broom Fellow, faculty development around civic engagement and public scholarship.