During Spring Term, the CCCE will operate a virtual Welcome Desk via Zoom, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. CST. The physical CCCE will not have standing open hours during Spring Term.  Fellows and Program Directors have OneCard access to the CCCE to pick up and drop off supplies. Please limit visits to less than 15 minutes. If you need additional access, please contact ProStaff. If your OneCard is not working, please contact Melissa Thomas (mthomas@carleton.edu). If you would like to meet with the CCCE professional staff, please add a Zoom meeting to their Google Calendar:

Creighton Brown, cbrown2@carleton.edu

  • Education Equity | Peace, Conflict, and Democracy
  • Student Resources

Sinda Nichols, snichols2@carleton.edu

  • Director | Civic and community engagement consultation

Emily Oliver, eoliver@carleton.edu
Ellie Garran, egarran@carleton.edu

  • Academic Civic Engagement and Scholarship

Melissa Thomas, mthomas@carleton.edu

  • Communications | Logistics | Operations

Alan Zheng, zhenga3@carleton.edu

  • Community-Based Work Study

Erica Zweifel, ezweifel@carleton.edu

  • Food and Environment | Health and Belonging
  • Community Partnerships

The Center for Community and Civic Engagement (CCCE — pronounced “trip-see-ee”) connects the Carleton community to its broader public purpose and contributes to students’ preparation for life after Carleton as civic-minded graduates.

We are a hub for:

  • Real-world learning that contributes to a more just, thriving, and sustainable community;
  • Reciprocal community-campus partnerships that advance shared goals; and
  • Civic agency and collaboration in the public sphere that is attentive to equity, power, and positionality.

We support Academic Civic Engagement courses, student-led community initiatives, fellowships, volunteer opportunities, community-based work study jobs, and more. Our focal issue areas include Food and Environmental Justice, Educational Equity, Health and Belonging, and Peace, Conflict & Democracy.

Civic learning and community engagement are a key part of the Carleton experience. 63% of senior respondents said they’ve applied their academic learning through an assignment in the community. Outside of the classroom, 59% have volunteered in the community and 30% participate in politics beyond voting (Enrolled Student Survey, 2019).