Internship Funding for Students

18 December 2020

Carleton’s Art and Technology (CArtT) Initiative has funding available to support internships that provide students with direct experience exploring the application of technology to the creation of art.

These internships define arts broadly to include art history, studio art, architecture, dance, film and media, music, theater and the intersections between and among all visual and performing arts.  Eligible internships should encourage students to develop technical competencies as well as encourage new, creative thinking about going beyond the traditional definitions and boundaries of artistic production.  The key requirement for funding of the Art and Technology internships is that they provide the student with hands-on experience using new – or new applications of – technology and media to the artistic process.  Examples may include the integration of video with theater or dance performance; use of computer and digital technology to record and create new music; the use of technology such as laser cutters, CNC routers, 3-D printers and the like in the service of making artwork.

We invite students who have identified specific internship opportunities that fit these criteria to apply for funding.  Students are eligible to apply for summer internship funds (up to $4,500) to support transportation, savings goals, food, and housing costs during the internship. Internships at other times may be funded up to $2,000.  Preference will be given to juniors, sophomores and first-year students.  Establishing learning goals, participating in a summer reflection blog, and a short reflection essay after the internship are required, and for those on campus in the fall, there is a “bring back” poster session.  The program is administered by the Carleton Arts and Technology committee in conjunction with the Career Center.

To apply, please use the Career Center’s Internship Application.

Questions may be directed to Steve Richardson, Director of the Arts or to other members of the CArtT Steering Committee:

  • Paul Bernhardt, Audio and Visual Technical Director
  • Andy Flory, Associate Professor of Music
  • Doug Foxgrover, Academic Technologist for Presentation & Visual Design
  • Laska Jimsen, Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies
  • Stephen Mohring, Professor of Art
  • Ron Rodman, Dye Family Professor of Music
  • Linda Rossi, Professor of Art