Final round of faculty development grants announced

29 January 2024

Carleton’s Art and Technology Initiative (CArtT) has announced its final round of faculty development grants.

Funding has been awarded to:

Jay Beck (Cinema and Media Studies): to learn new audio software;

Kelly Connole (Studio Art): to learn to use 3-D printers to support her ceramics work;

Laska Jimsen (Cinema and Media Studies): to develop a new module for her documentary film course that uses technology-rich production methods, especially around color correction;

Catherine Licata (Cinema and Media Studies): to learn to use the software integration within Adobe Premiere Pro;

Andrea Mazzariello (Music): to develop a video and audio performance piece, “NOW, THEN,” which will later be performed in the Weitz Center for Creativity;

Danny Saathof (Art): to purchase and learn to use new 3-D printers in “Metalsmithing: Ancient Techniques, New Technologies,” an intermediate studio art course;

Stephen Mohring (Art): to learn how to better operate new technologies funded by this grant. This includes training and practice with the nylon SLS printer, the CNC plasma cutter, the new 3D printers, the new rotary attachment for the CNC router (purchased in the first round of funding), the vinyl cutter, and our recently purchased Glowforge laser cutter.