CArtT Summer Stipends 2015

23 April 2015

CArtT (Carleton Arts and Technology) is a curricular initiative for the integration of arts and technology on campus. Funded through a grant from the Sherman-Fairchild Foundation, members of the CArtT committee are please to announce the awarding of funds for summer research stipends for curricular and faculty development in the arts and technology.

Congratulations to the following faculty stipend grantees for summer 2015:

  • Baird Jarman: Equipment and research time for “The Camera Lucida and the History of Photography” project
  • Andy Flory & Jay Beck: Audio interface equipment for sound/music courses
  • Andy Flory: Recording Apparatus
  • Stephen Mohring: Equipment and research time for Art Interactivity and Robotics course
  • Jay Beck and Rini Keagy: Training on new editing software
  • Roger Bechtel: Equipment and research time for Interactive Wearable Technology for Performance
  • Ron Rodman: Research time on software; LogicPro
  • Jeffrey Trevino: Research time for Integration of Music Technology in music courses