March Feedback Sessions

4 April 2023

Task force members and Community Advisors hosted feedback sessions with the following groups in March:

  • First generation faculty and staff
  • CEDI
  • Forum
  • Academic Administrative Assistants
  • Faculty meeting
  • Faculty and staff with 20+ years of service to the college
  • Grounds staff
  • Library staff
  • Auxiliary Services
  • SAC
  • Former Alumni Council presidents
  • Alumni who work at Carleton
  • IT staff
  • Leaders of student cultural organizations and religious organizations
  • Resident Assistants
  • Peer Leaders

In addition, the Community of Belonging task force hosted a pop-up session in Anderson Hall and in Sayles-Hill, where all members of the community could grab a snack and provide feedback to the task force. These pop-up sessions garnered over 200 unique comments.