February Feedback Sessions

2 March 2023

Strategic planning task forces continued hosting listening sessions with members of the Carleton community throughout the month of February. Task force representatives met with the following groups:

  • Union custodial staff
  • Union maintenance staff
  • Library staff
  • Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Humanities Advisory Committee
  • CSA
  • IT staff
  • Faculty Forum
  • SAC
  • Forum
  • PEAR faculty
  • The Family
  • Student Athlete Advisory Council
  • Leadership Advisory Board

This month also included several larger gatherings where community members discussed strategic planning themes and provided feedback on specific task force questions: the strategic planning retreat with the Board of Trustees on Feb. 11; the Feb. 13 faculty meeting; the President’s Quarterly Meeting on Feb. 15, which resulted in feedback from 153 staff members; and a SAC and Forum lunch listening session on Feb. 28 with 75 staff employees.