The Carleton 2033 strategic planning structure is anchored by a Coordinating Committee and three task forces. Each will engage existing college groups, committees and student organizations in their work, and will hold regular open meetings to gather feedback on ongoing discussions. The task forces also will consult with broader groups of community advisors from all constituencies, including groups of faculty and staff with expertise related to a specific topic, students participating in focus groups to discuss specific issues, and a Board of Trustees advisory group on strategic planning.

Coordinating Committee
Community of Belonging Task Force____Advancing the Liberal Arts Task Force____Expanding Carleton’s Reach Task Force
Existing college groups, e.g., CEDI, Financial Aid Working Group, Community Concern Form Working Group, Faculty Affairs Committee, Staff at Carleton, Forum, Carleton Student Association, cultural orgs, Board of Trustees Committee on Student LifeExisting college groups, e.g., Education and Curriculum Committee, Humanities Center, STEM Board, Junior Faculty Affairs Committee, chairs and directors, Board of Trustees Academic Affairs CommitteeExisting college groups, e.g., Alumni volunteer groups, Board of Trustees Committee on External Relations and Development, Community and Civic Engagement Committee, Advisory Council on College and Community Relations
Community AdvisorsCommunity AdvisorsCommunity Advisors

Coordinating Committee & Task Force Membership

Alison ByerlyPresident
Adam WebsterAdmissions
Andy FloryMusic Department
Carolyn LivingstonPresident's Cabinet
Cathy PagliaBoard of Trustees
Dana WrightBoard of Trustees
Dev GuptaPolitical Science Department
Dylan EvansClass of 2026
Eric RunestadPresident's Cabinet
Faith AgboolaClass of 2024
Hana HoriuchiClass of 2023
John HarrisBoard of Trustees
Micah EvansClass of 2002, Alumni rep
Michelle MattsonPresident's Cabinet
Nathan GraweEconomics Department
Sarah ForsterDevelopment Office
Theresa RodriguezRegistrar's Office
Wally WeitzBoard of Trustees
Zach PruittClass of 2000, Community member

Community Advisors

Community of Belonging

  • Marcy Averill, Center for Community and Civic Engagement
  • Marty Baylor, Department of Physics
  • Katie Berg, Annual Fund
  • Vera Coleman, Department of Spanish
  • Amy Csizmar Dalal, Department of Computer Science
  • Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Department of Physics
  • Maggie Epstein, Gould Library
  • Brendon Etter, Gould Library
  • Dann Hurlbert, Information Technology Services
  • Deborah Gross, Department of Chemistry
  • Matt Klooster, Information Technology Services
  • Kate Niemisto, Gould Library
  • Tom Niemisto, Annual Fund
  • Yansi Perez, Office of the Provost
  • Patti Sabrowski, Custodial Services
  • Emily Shields, Residential Life
  • Susan Shirk, Gould Library and the Department of Music
  • Barb Silk, Office of the Vice President and Treasurer
  • Amy Sillanpa, Dean of Students Office
  • Erik Warren, Academic Support Center
  • David Wiles, Department of Theater and Dance

Advancing the Liberal Arts

  • Sonja Anderson, Department of Religion
  • Carly Born, Information Technology Services
  • Nancy Braker, Cowling Arboretum
  • Pierre Hecker, Department of English
  • Paula Lackie, Information Technology Services
  • Jeff Ondich, Department of Computer Science
  • Emily Seru, Center for Community and Civic Engagement
  • David Tompkins, Department of History and Center for Global and Regional Studies
  • Charlotte Whited, Grants Office
  • Margi Youmans, Summer Liberal Arts Institute
  • Ross Elfline, Department of Art and Art History
  • Juliane Schicker, Department of Russian and German

Expanding Carleton’s Reach

  • Jaime Anthony, Office of Admissions
  • John Bermel, Security Services
  • Helena Kaufman, Off-Campus Studies
  • David Liben-Nowell, Office of the Provost
  • Michael McNally, Department of Religion
  • Stephen Mohring, Department of Art and Art History
  • Julie Neiworth, Department of Psychology
  • Sinda Nichols, Center for Community and Civic Engagement
  • Bill North, Department of History
  • Steve Parrish, Trustee
  • Melissa Saunders, Development Office
  • Janet Scannell, Information Technology Services
  • Michael Thompson, Alumni Relations

Trustee Advisors

  • Carol Barnett
  • Alan Bauer
  • Vinaya Chepuri
  • Stephen Davis
  • David Diamond
  • Arnold Donald
  • Leslie Kautz
  • Laird McCulloch
  • Bonnie Melville
  • David Smith
  • Justin Wender