Minnesota Did Not Defeat You!

8 June 2020

To Daniel Quintero:

This sure isn’t a conventional way to celebrate, but the celebrations are earned all the same. Graduating from Carleton is a major accomplishment because it means you either survived four winters here or lucked out and went abroad during one of those winters. Either way, Minnesota did not defeat you!

While I’m immensely proud of everyone’s accomplishments, I am especially proud of Daniel Quintero. While at Carleton he learned to play the pipe organ, joined the Druids, worked as a Catholic chaplain’s assistant, did summer research in both Sweden and New York, went dog sledding, was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, and most importantly, was an example of humbleness, generosity, and compassion. I couldn’t be where I am without the shining influence of Daniel, and hopefully I had a little positive impact on him too.

I love you, Daniel! You’re going great places!

—Rebecca Hicks ’21

hugging people pose
Daniel, I’ve gone with you around the world. We’ve drunk amazing wine, we’ve been insanely lost, and I would trade none of it for a smoother journey with someone else.

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