Here’s To Your New Beginning!

12 June 2020

Dear Caroline,

I am so proud of you! I remember bringing you to school 4 years ago. It rained. We went to Target. We moved you into your room early and beat the crowds. You met Jackie. We hung funky lights in the room. The next day was some sort of program but because of the rain it was in the gym.

Steve P said: “We do lots of things well at Carleton. Holding large events indoors because of rain is not one of them!” He also said each Carl should do the following 3 things before they leave:

  1. Take a class they never took before.
  2. Take a class they hated in HS but take at Carleton and see if a good teacher can change your mind
  3. Make friends with at least one professor who you will remain friends with after Carleton.

I can’t believe this chapter is over. But as you said when you graduated 8th grade, without endings, you can’t have beginnings. So here’s to your new beginning! Love, Dad

— Dave Carty

Dad and daughter
Dad says good-bye to Caroline in September 2016 at Carleton

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