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Thank You for Being a Light of Truth

13 June 2020

To Guapo Banuelos: Thank you Guapo for being a light of truth on this campus. If it weren’t for your undying love of Black people, and your dedication to Black…

Guapo and Diane on campus

Such An Amazing Friend

12 June 2020

To Kelly Chen: Kelly, congratulations on your graduation!!!! I still remember when we first met during the new student week and ever since then you have been such an amazing…

Thanks for All the Laughs!

12 June 2020

To Michael Gasior, Caroline Boroughs, and Isabel McFadden: Thanks for all the laughs over the past 3 years. Lenny Dee is gonna miss you guys. — Eliot Huh ’21

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You Are So Deserving

12 June 2020

To Funto Akindona: FUNTOOOOO,I am so glad we ended up in Myers together. Thank you for always accepting my weird energy and for filling my belly over the years. I…

Look At You Now!

12 June 2020

To Amie Salem: My sweet Amie, I am so so thankful God put us together our first year. I laugh now looking back and remembering how nervous I felt meeting…

You are So Dedicated and Driven

12 June 2020

To Shelsea St. Hillien: Jellllyyy, honeycomb, tennis balllllll, Whew. I wish we had met earlier.. oh all the things we would have conquered together. BUT as I always say and…

I Hope You Celebrate YOU

12 June 2020

To Daamir Robinson: Daamir, My first friend at Carleton. You will forever be in my heart. Your friendship near and far (all those abroad trips) helped me through the challenging…

You Are My Role Model

12 June 2020

To Chunjin Ruan: My best friend, my mentor, my senpai, my favorite stats HW partner, and the list goes on. Congratulations on your graduation, Jin!!!!! Ever since we met for…

Thanks for Being the Big Siblings We Needed

12 June 2020

To the Class of 2020: Thank you for being the big siblings that the class of 2021 needed when we arrived on campus. You were only in your second year…

Minnesota Did Not Defeat You!

8 June 2020

To Daniel Quintero: This sure isn’t a conventional way to celebrate, but the celebrations are earned all the same. Graduating from Carleton is a major accomplishment because it means you…

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Crawling to the Finish Line

28 May 2020

To Joe White: I’m glad I’ve come on this quarantine journey with you and have been able to convince you to watch a lot of anime. Congratulations on crawling to…

Congratulations On This Huge Accomplishment

26 May 2020

A video message to Hiba Jama from Ali Hickman ’20

Ali Hickman

A Message from Lenny Dee

26 May 2020

To Michael Gasior, Isabel McFadden, and Caroline Boroughs, We love you Dee-seniors! We wish we could have had a spring show with you all, but we are so thankful for…

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Continue Shining Your Light

26 May 2020

To the Class of 2020: Continue shining your light and being positive impacts on your communities, wherever your journey may take you. I wish you all the best. Congratulations! —…

You Are Capable of So Much

26 May 2020

To Alexis Tolbert: I’m so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I hope you understand the incredible impact that you have had and continue to have on…

You Are Unstoppable

25 May 2020

A message to the Class of 2020 from Minni, VS, and Tanay

Three friends