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Congratulations, Sergio Demara

13 June 2020

We are proud of your hard work & your passion for learning! May the Almighty bless you!Mami, Tapa, Richie, Alex, Granpa & Chuy

Sergio Demara and family

Rock the Boat

13 June 2020

To Lewis White: Congratulations to Lewis and all his squad on graduating! Glad we got the official photo the last time we graduated, but frankly the others are more accurate. There are…

Gracie and Lewis White

Thank You for Being a Light of Truth

13 June 2020

To Guapo Banuelos: Thank you Guapo for being a light of truth on this campus. If it weren’t for your undying love of Black people, and your dedication to Black…

Guapo and Diane on campus

We’re So Happy For You

12 June 2020

To Jesse Gates: Congratulations, Jesse! We are so happy for you, well done! — Daniel & Mary Gates

Jesse Gates

You Bring Me Much Joy

12 June 2020

To Kelly Buck: Congratulations Kelly!!!!! I’m proud of you! It seems like a short time ago we were visiting the Carleton for a tour. You did great (I never checked…

College freshman

You Stayed True To Yourself

12 June 2020

To Colleen Scallen: Beanie -— WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!! CONGRATULATIONS! You stayed true to yourself, tried new things, and are graduating with a dual degree in your passions!…

graduate holding a cat

We Celebrate You

12 June 2020

Congratulations, Emily Tess Fichandler! We celebrate your graduation. We celebrate your enthusiasm for life, for throwing your first pottery, for lunching in Madrid, for dancing with Synchrony, for adopting your…

student at an outdoor desk

Crisis Breeds Opportunity

12 June 2020

Dear Morgan, There is no other class like yours, graduating in these unprecedented times. We are so proud of you for your consistency and tenacity, and your independence and resourcefulness.…


Go Do Good Things

12 June 2020

To Ernest Matthew Finney-Jordet Congratulations! You’ve done the heavy lifting. Now go do good things. –From F, C, and other C.

A man carries a log

So Happy and Proud

12 June 2020

To Milena Silva: Milena, congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure! So happy for you in this next chapter. So proud of you! Mom, Dad, and…

Milena in the park

The First Step

12 June 2020

To Justin Navratil: Congratulations on the end of a four-year journey, which is really the first step into a Great Adventure! — Marcia K Wong

dancer on stage

Full of Empathy and Compassion

12 June 2020

To Nora Mertz: Congratulations, Nora!!! We are so proud of your achievements at Carleton and of the woman you’ve become — full of empathy and compassion, hard-working (and competitive!), dedicated…

woman wearing a backpack with a baby in it

We Knew Carleton Was In Your Future

12 June 2020

To Ingrid Dai: Congratulations Ingrid! We knew from early on that Carleton was in your future, and we’re so happy that ultimately you agreed with us. We are so proud…

baby wearing a bib

You Are the Best!

12 June 2020

Congratulations, Peep!!! You are the best!!! — Will Crider

people hugging on a winter sidewalk


12 June 2020

To Peep Crider: Congratulations!!! — Becky Robbins Crider

Girl wearing carleton gear

I Couldn’t Have a Better Brother

12 June 2020

To William Powers: Hey Willie, this is Katie and I just want to say that I am so proud of you and I love you so much. You’re someone who…

Two people eating ice cream

So Proud of What You Achieved

12 June 2020

To Alejandro Cardenas: We’re so proud of what you have just Achieved. Congratulations to a 2020! Well done 👍! Thank you Lord Jesus Christ! For He has given you the…

Three women wearing sunglasses

Way To Go!

12 June 2020

To Shalin Carranza: Congrats! Way to go, grown-up Shalin! — Nolita Christensen ’99

A young woman with two toddlers

Love That You’re With Amazing Friends

12 June 2020

To Caro Carty: I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments Heartbroken not to be in Northfield with you, but love that you’re with amazing friends from…

Caroline squinting in the sunlight

To Your Success

12 June 2020

Congratulations Alejandro Cardenas and the Class of 2020 To your success. “Graduation is not the end; it is the beginning.” — Senator Orrin Hatch — Carlis & Terry Cardenas

Boy and puppy