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Thank You for Being a Light of Truth

13 June 2020

To Guapo Banuelos: Thank you Guapo for being a light of truth on this campus. If it weren’t for your undying love of Black people, and your dedication to Black…

Guapo and Diane on campus

The First Step

12 June 2020

To Justin Navratil: Congratulations on the end of a four-year journey, which is really the first step into a Great Adventure! — Marcia K Wong

dancer on stage

We Knew Carleton Was In Your Future

12 June 2020

To Ingrid Dai: Congratulations Ingrid! We knew from early on that Carleton was in your future, and we’re so happy that ultimately you agreed with us. We are so proud…

baby wearing a bib

A Great Example for Me

12 June 2020

To Alexis L. Tolbert: In 2015 I was asked who was my role model and why, and without giving it a second thought my answer was you, my big sister.…

two women puckering


12 June 2020

A video message to the Class of 2020 from Betsy Apel

girl in a room

Here’s To Your New Beginning!

12 June 2020

Dear Caroline, I am so proud of you! I remember bringing you to school 4 years ago. It rained. We went to Target. We moved you into your room early…

Dad and daughter

Cheering You On, Always

12 June 2020

To Alice Rose Hinzmann: Your years at Carleton have been filled with hard work, exciting new opportunities, lots of fun, and deep, lasting friendships. We are exceedingly proud of you…

student arriving at Carleton College

Friends Make Life Rewarding

12 June 2020

To Ian McCarthy: Thank you to all the Carleton friends that made life rewarding and enjoyable these last four years!

two friends in the wilderness

It Hardly Seems Possible

11 June 2020

To Laura Kiernan: Congratulations to All the Carls. It hardly seems possible how quickly these four years have passed and how brilliant you’ve become. And how could you possibly be…

student holding carleton signs

Felicitaciones Emma!

11 June 2020

To Emma Ferrer: Felicitaciones Emma! Estamos muy orgullosos de ti y todos tus logros. Te queremos mucho! — Sarah & Marcelo Ferrer

seven people sit at the entrance to Carleton College

We Look Forward to Your Bright Future

11 June 2020

A video message to Abby Hirshman from Marlene & Marshall Hirshman

Grandparents recording a video message

Love, Abuelita

10 June 2020

To Cruz R. Morales: I’m so proud of you and what you’ve accomplished! God bless you and be with you always! Love, Abuelita — Frances J. Morales

A student in graduation garb with his grandparents

Bluesy Pomp

10 June 2020

A musical video message to Jackson Warren from J Long ’75

A man playing an acoustic guitar

Congratulations on Your Momentous Achievement

10 June 2020

A video message to the Class of 2020 from Deborah Appleman, Professor of Educational Studies

a professor in her office


10 June 2020

To Cruz Romero Morales: Mijo, ¡Felicidades! ¡Que orgullo para nosotros y nuestra familia! We are proud of your accomplishments, commitments, and your perseverance in pursuing your degree. Your kindness, willingness…

Man in a cowboy hat

With Love and Pride

10 June 2020

To Chiraag Gohel: With love and pride, Congratulations!! Believe in yourself, keep learning, keep trying and keep accomplishing!!! — Anita & Raj Gohel

small boy school photo

One of a Kind

9 June 2020

To Danielle Lewis: Happy Graduation Danielle! I am so incredibly proud of you! You truly are one of kind! You worked so hard for this! I am in awe of…

two women hug beneath a happy 21st birthday banner

We’re So Excited for Everything That’s Ahead

8 June 2020

A video message to Teddy Wolfe from his family

A family records a video message

Minnesota Did Not Defeat You!

8 June 2020

To Daniel Quintero: This sure isn’t a conventional way to celebrate, but the celebrations are earned all the same. Graduating from Carleton is a major accomplishment because it means you…

hugging people pose

Dream Big!

8 June 2020

Congratulations Alexis! Words can not express how proud I am of you. I wish you much success as you close this chapter, and begin your next Journey in life. You…