About the Scholars Program

Carleton’s Scholars Program is an experiential learning opportunity for students to explore career options, make connections with alumni, and hone networking and professionalism skills. It introduces approximately 15 students to a specific industry area by incorporating a career readiness component leading up to an on-campus symposium, site visits to a variety of companies/organizations, and alumni networking events during spring break. Alumni and parents host the site visits and participate in the networking event. Carleton covers travel, lodging, and some meal expenses.

Program Components

Career Readiness

Students begin the program with an orientation outlining the expectations for the program. Then participants engage in a career readiness component. Students will craft a résumé, create a student profile and LinkedIn profile, develop an elevator speech, and draft a networking email to an alum. These quick assignments are due weekly on a Moodle site leading up to the site visits. Students receive individualized feedback on their submissions.

After completing the spring break site visits, students write a one- to two-page reflection describing their experience and set goals for their career next steps.

On-Campus Symposium

The on-campus symposium takes place during spring break, the day before the site visits. Participants:

  • connect with career counselors to further refine their résumés
  • practice their elevator speeches with career counselors and peers,
  • Practice networking with Carleton staff
  • research the organizations and alumni participating in the site visits so everyone is prepared with informed questions

Site Visits

Students visit several organizations each day, learning about the organization as a whole and the alumni/parents’ specific roles within the organization, engaging in Q & A, and participating in a creative case study. Carleton as a whole has benefited from having these bright students serve as ad hoc ambassadors throughout the United States. During these visits, students have raised Carleton’s profile at corporations, government offices, and organizations on the east and west coasts, where Carleton is less well known than in the Midwest.

Alumni Networking Event

The alumni networking event is an opportunity for students and alumni to network in their field of interest and beyond. It allows students to practice their networking skills, make numerous connections, further their industry knowledge, and learn more about life after Carleton.

Program Outcomes

Students will learn:

  • the importance of networking
  • how to make professional connections
  • the types of career paths available within the industry
  • how to articulate the skills they will bring to a job or internship
  • how the hiring process works

Most Recent Scholars Programs

  • Art in America – New York City (2023)
  • Kaleidoscope (2023)
  • Law in the Twin Cities  (2019)
  • Biomedical Research in the Twin Cities and Rochester (2019)
  • Public Policy in Washington, D.C. (2018)
  • Sustainability in the Twin Cities (2018)
  • Tech Scholars in San Francisco (2017)
  • Communications Scholars in the Twin Cities (2017)
  • Non-Profits Scholars in the Twin Cities (2016)
  • Medicine Scholars in the Twin Cities (2016)
  • Business Scholars in the Twin Cities (2015)
  • Entrepreneurship Scholars in the Twin Cities (2015)


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