Current Carleton students who have been invited to interview for a consulting position (such as an internship or full-time position) are eligible to apply for a single, one-on-one, one-hour coaching session with a former recruiter of a top-tier management consulting firm. This coaching session hosted by Management Consulted will focus on the aspects of the interview process that are unique to management consulting (e.g., case-based interviews), though will likely be beneficial to candidates for all kinds of consulting positions. It compliments the interview preparation available through career coaches at the Carleton Career Center. Students are encouraged to consult with both sources as they prepare.

Cost: None to the student. Funding valued at $150.

Apply: Submit this form AND email Jamila Siddiqui with a copy of your interview invitation or confirmation. You can expect a response within 48 business hours (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays).

Registration & scheduling: If your application is accepted, Jamila will email you instructions for registering for your session in the Management Consulted portal. Sessions can typically be scheduled within 48 hours after you register with Management Consulted, though this is not guaranteed.