Purpose: Do you have an idea to make the world a little better? The Carleton Impact Fellowship Competition seeks to train and support students pursuing for-profit and social entrepreneurship.

Competition Overview


  • Teams of at least two Carleton students are eligible to submit a written proposal. (See link below for guidelines.) Teams may also include non-Carls. While there is no maximum team size, we recommend no more than three or four students in total. 
  • Teams intending to submit a proposal will email Nathan Grawe. Please include the names of all known team members and a brief description of your idea.
  • Teams will be connected with an alumni mentor who they must meet with once per month, November through February. Teams will complete online training and coaching (about 2.5 hours) and meet virtually a minimum of three times with Advanced Enterprise Agility coaches to develop their ideas and skills.
  • All continuing Carleton student team members (ie, everyone except seniors) will apply for Career Center funding for experiential learning. Please note in your application that it is submitted as part of the Impact Fellowship Competition.

Fellowship Prizes: 

  • The first-place team will receive a $10,000 team fellowship plus individual Career Center experiential learning fellowships for each continuing Carleton student on the team to support the implementation of the proposed venture. 
  • The second-place team will receive individual Career Center experiential learning fellowships for each continuing Carleton student on the team to support the implementation of the proposed venture.
  • Both winning teams will be given coaching through the summer of 2024 as they launch their project.
  • (Participating teams who do not win one of the two prizes can still be considered for Career Center funding for experiential learning through the regular decision process.)

Guidelines for Proposals

Important Dates

  • Friday October 13, 2023 5:00 PM: Email Nathan Grawe indicating intent to participate
  • Friday Oct 20, 2023: Email Jeff Burstein to schedule WorkFLOW training
  • Monday January 15, 2024 5:00 PM: Email written proposal to Nathan Grawe
  • Monday January 22: Finalists invited to pitch session
  • Saturday February 10 1:00-4:00 PM: Final pitches with winners announced at the event’s conclusion

Previous Fellowship Winners

  • 2023 Dou Read – Tan Zhou ’25, Kevin Bui ’24, and Tim Zhang
  • 2022: Upprentice – Victor Hyuang ’23 and Lily Li ’23
  • 2022: Reveal Jonah Doctor-Loeb ‘25, Gabe Kaplan ‘25, Etta Humes ‘25, Tate Fuller ‘25, Malachy Guzman ‘25, Seven Delgado ‘25
  • 2021: [Discussify] – Kevin Bui ’24, Quoc Nguyen ’23, and Shannon Liu ’23
  • 2021: Northfield Enterprise Center Prize – KN. Y. Skating Experience  Kenya Symone Cooper ’21 and Venecia Mitchell ’21
  • 2020: 句話 JUHUA – Brandon Moy ’20, John Mullan ’20, and Alan Zheng ’20
  • 2019: The Participation Station – Phil Donnelly ’22 and Madhav Mohan ’22
  • 2018: E and E: Liberal Arts for the 21st Century – Kwaku Bodom ’19, Chris Anisowicz ’18 and Brandon Fabel ’18
  • 2018: Switch – Keaton Mertz ’18 (Chemistry) and Chenxi Sun ’18 (2nd Place Team representing Carleton at the 8th Minnesota Entrepreneurship Kick-off in March 2018)
  • 2017Adisa – Claire Tagoe ’18 and Sabastian Mugazambi ’17
  • 2017: Lift Education Consultants – Robert Kearney ’17, Sijin “Cathy” Chen ’17, and Jacob Snyder-Hansen
  • 2016: Northfield Cannon Dairy: Minnesota Nice Cream – Beau Smit ’17 and Rohan Mukherjee ’19
  • 2016: Campus Concierge – Mitchell Biewen ’17 and Jeremy Keane ’17