As with any career path, it is important to do your research on what opportunities exist in law before committing to three additional years in school. Some of the best methods to get started include research, networking, and gaining hands-on experience. Schedule an appointment with the pre-law advisor in the Career Center to discuss your options in more detail.

Online Resources

See below for resources on what you can do with a law degree, common areas of employment, and salary details.

Networking with Carleton Alumni

Once you’ve done your initial research, the best way to learn more is by connecting with professionals who have been down the same path. LinkedIn and the Alumni Directory are the best places to start learning about Carleton alumni career paths and easily reach out to connect for more information. To get started, see below:

In addition to Carleton Alumni Profiles, the Career Center works to connect students with alumni in varying fields throughout the year. Take advantage of our 30 Minutes program as well as a number of alumni panels and talks. There is no substitute for this kind of personal insight into a profession.

Gain Hands-On Experience

Spending a few weeks (or even days) in a law-related setting can make a deep impact and help you clarify your career goals. Apply for a December Externship (1-3 week mini-internship) and/or Summer Internship (6-10 week experience), to get started. Opportunities are also often available in Handshake.