Note that this checklist is geared toward current students who plan to matriculate into law school immediately following graduation from Carleton. If you plan to take time off before attending, you will need to adjust accordingly.

Freshman and Sophomore (and Junior) Years:

  • Decide if either a career in law or a career in another area for which obtaining a JD may be an asset (e.g., politics, government, public policy, etc.) is right for you. Explore opportunities through 30 Minutes meetings, internships, and externships.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to do informational interviews, shadowing, volunteering, or individual advising with alumni working in law or attending law school.
  • Pursue summer internship and other experiential learning positions with law and policy related organizations.

Junior Year – Fall Term:

If you are interested in the Columbia 3-3 program, be sure to consult with the Career Center at the beginning of junior year. (See the pre-law guide for more information.)

Junior Year – Spring Term:

Register for the LSAT and begin LSAT preparation.

Summer before Senior Year:

Senior Year – Fall Term:

  • Take the LSAT.
  • Meet with pre-law advisor for a planning session. Make an appointment in Handshake.
  • Attend information sessions and tabling visits on campus with potential law schools.
  • Complete CAS requirements (request transcripts, etc.).
  • Complete and submit your applications as early as possible (typically October – December).

Senior Year – Later:

  • Apply for financial aid.
  • Ask Carleton Registrar’s Office to send winter term grades (if necessary); have other appropriate persons send in information about honors, etc.
  • If you have not been notified that your application has been received, call or email admissions offices.
  • Keep the Career Center informed about your application decisions.