Consulting is an extremely competitive field that attracts candidates with an innate curiosity and desire to solve problems. While it is not required for all jobs, having good quantitative analysis skills can set you apart for competitive opportunities. Connecting with alumni in this field can be imperative to breaking into the business. We recommend getting started as early as possible.

While there are a number of different types of consulting, many Carleton students pursue economic consulting and management consulting. 

Application Deadlines:

  • Full time deadlines are typically between early September through mid-October
  • Internship deadlines are typically between early October through early February — there are not as many internships in consulting as there are in business and banking so it can be very competitive. However, to stand out as a candidate, it is advised to get a junior year internship in a well known, high profile organization.


  • Case Interviews are standard in consulting and each organization has their own methodology. Note that the Career Center career coaches are equipped to help you prepare – set up a practice interview by scheduling an appointment in Handshake.
  • Visit the Career Center’s resource on Case Interviewing for more information.


Building a network of professionals in the field of consulting will make the most difference in your search. It is never too late or too early to reach out to people for informational interviews. For tips on how to make the most of your connection, visit our Networking page. In addition, here are a few places to find professionals:

  • LinkedIn – This is the best resource to identify Carleton alumni working in the field of business, and feel confident that the information is up to date. Cross-check this with the alumni directory for personal contact information and reach out via email first if possible.

Digital Assessments:

Many firms use digital assessments as part of the recruitment and screening process. Management Consulted offers some advice for approaching this part of the process with some of these firms.

Helpful Resources:

What It Takes to Succeed in Consulting with Tracy LeBlanc ’21

Tracy held a two-part workshop on consulting. Watch part 2 of the series where Tracy talks about how to prepare for a consulting interview.