There are a variety of different opportunities in the fields of finance and business. The competitiveness varies by field, with investment banking being the most difficult to break into. Many businesses and financial institutions participate in on-campus recruiting at Carleton. Regularly check Handshake to stay updated on what companies and firms are coming on campus. Increasingly, organizations are using their summer internship programs as their primary source of full time hires for campus recruiting. Therefore, you have the best opportunity to stand out if you start early and build connections.

Application Deadlines:

  • Full time deadlines are typically between early September through mid-October – with some starting as early as the end of spring (over one year in advance).
  • Internship deadlines are typically between early October and early February (Note that these are starting as early as the summer as well). Most larger organizations are focusing their recruiting on hiring interns between their junior and senior year, with the hope of converting those into full-time offers. It is by far the best way to get full-time positions in these larger organizations.

Perfect your Résumé:

Résumés are fairly standardized in this industry and it is important to follow this format in order to stand out. Check out these Investment Banking Résumé Templates for more information then share it with the Career Center and alums working in the field to determine how well you stand out from the crowd.


While most organizations will not expect liberal arts students to come in with the same level of knowledge as a business school applicant, it is important to do your research and understand the basic terminology and be able to hold your own in an interview. Both behavioral and technical interviews are common in banking and the Career Center is available to meet with you for practice interviews (set up an appointment via Handshake

Finance-focused Programs:

In addition to researching information on relevant websites, Carleton has worked with a few academic programs to help increase your familiarity with the business and industry knowledge. Below are a couple of options to consider. For more information, visit the Career Center.

  • HBX CORe – an online credential bearing program through Harvard Business School with interactive classes on Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting.
  • Summer Business Scholars Program – Chicago Booth – The three-week program provides a model environment for bold future leaders to strengthen their toolkit of established business principles via hands-on experience with world-renowned faculty and industry experts.
  • Tuck Business Bridge Program – Dartmouth College – An intensive course in December that gives liberal arts students the business knowledge, skills and experience necessary to leverage their education in the business workplace and beyond.


Building a network of professionals in the field of banking and finance will make the most difference in your search. It is never too late or too early to reach out to people for informational interviews. For tips on how to make the most of your connection, visit our Networking page. In addition, here are a few places to find professionals:

  • Spotlight on Careers – Alumni Advice on Investment Banking
  • LinkedIn – This is the best resource to identify Carleton alumni working in the field of business, and feel confident that the information is up to date. Cross check this with the alumni directory for personal contact information and reach out via email first if possible.

Websites Worth Noting:

  • Wall Street Oasis – (This is the most popular website referenced by Carleton alumni in this industry) It’s an online forum for people interested in Finance (i-banking, hedge funds, PE, VC etc) and Consulting. This is similar to reddit/quora/college confidential where people ask questions and other people answer them and is highly recommended by many people in the field. Great place to do research on specific firms and also hear stories of people breaking into the industry.
  • Wall Street Wannabe – A collection of information about investment banking, including accounting/financing concepts, interview tips, networking strategies, and private equity information. The site was founded by “an international student coming from a non-core school,” and it has been developed with assistance and feedback from experienced professionals.
  • Mergers and Inquisitions – Similar to but focusing on Investment Banking and Finance. Have posts about everything from what is I-Banking to interview prep to banking culture, exit opportunities and everything related to working in Finance and Investment Banking.
  • Barclays Markets Insight Game for Students – Stockfuse – The Barclays Markets Insight Game is a semester-long interactive investing game, with winners every three weeks. Getting involved in opportunities like this can be a great way to gain understanding and make yourself known to potential employers.
  • Corporate Finance Institute – Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI) is a leading global provider of online financial modeling and valuation courses. Since 2016, CFI’s programs and certifications have been delivered to over 500,000 individuals at top universities, investment banks, accounting firms, and operating companies around the world.
  • – This site hosts a lot of postings from I-Banks (Bulge Bracket and Boutiques), Hedge Funds, PE Firms. You can upload your résumé to OneWire and directly apply to opportunities. Some elite boutique investment banks even go as far as having all of their applicants apply through OneWire, so it’s definitely a reputed and widely used site.
  • – Focused on jobs in finance, banking and insurance. They have a ‘student’ section where they post about specific industries and advice on hiring.