Navigate below to find links to resources in this broad industry that encompasses everything from theater to advertising to museums. Use the Alumni Directory to find alumni in your industry and learn more about the tips and tricks.

If you are pursuing a creative field that requires you to showcase your work (writing, art, programming code, design, etc), you are strongly recommended to create an online portfolio. For questions about this, visit the online portfolio guide and/or meet with a career coach.


  •  The Center for Communication – The Center for Communication is a nonprofit supported by major media companies to bring more diversity to the media industry and give students access to influential figures who can speak about the business today.
  • Mediabistro – A great resource for learning more about jobs in media. This includes marketing, advertising, journalism, PR, sales, television, and more. Not only are their a job search database, but they offer specific online courses to help you learn a bit more about the specifics of the industry you’re interested in.
  • – Art Jobs is a database that has various types of arts jobs — not just the “hard” arts but also some public relations, marketing, and museum type opportunities posted.
  • NYFA – The New York Foundation of the Arts is a foundation dedicated to supporting artists across the country. The foundation provides resources to working artists and organizations through fiscal sponsorship, online resources, learning/professional development, and awards.
  • Career Paths for Art Majors – Working as an Artist in the New Millennium
  • Resources for Art Majors – Resources and Tools for Art Majors
  • Guide to Careers in Communication – Learn about types of careers that are common in the field of communication
  • Black Table Arts Cooperative – Black Centered / Cooperative Initiative
  • Springboard for the Arts – Workshops, Grant & Fellowship opportunities, Carreer Development
  • Forecast Public Art – Grant, Project Funding opportunities
  • Metropolitan Regional Arts Council (MRAC) – Grants, Project Funding
  • Hope Community Inc. – BIPOC centered, Leadership Development, Lower Income
  • Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center – Indigenous & Latinx Centered
  • Monkeybearʻs Harmolodic Workshop – BIPOC Centered
  • The SEAD Project – Southeast Asian Diaspora Centered
  • Juxtaposition Arts – Youth Empowerment
  • COMPAS – Teaching Artist Employment

Theater & Music

  • ARTSEARCH – Carleton has an institutional membership. Please reach out to the Career Center to obtain the login information.
  • Mandy – Mandy is a great resource for film and TV production job listings. The website also contains a list of where casting calls are being held and other opportunities to get involved in the entertainment industry.
  • Musical Chairs – Musical Chairs is a great database if you’re searching for performance, teaching, and administrative jobs in classical music.
  • Musician’s Page – This website is targeted more towards musicians, and posts opportunities for freelance musicians who are looking for gigs.
  • CreativeHotlist – Creative Hot List is a database for both creative and talent searches. While the amount of job opportunities on this website are limited, it’s a great resource for finding more jobs in smaller urban areas.
  • Walker | West -BIPOC Centered, Low Income, Youth Education
  • Red Eye Theater – Creation opportunities
  • Pillsbury House + Theater – Neighborhood, BIPOC centered, Education, Fellowship Opportunities
  • 20% Theatre Company – BIPOC & LGBTQIA Centered
  • New Native Theatre – Native & Indigenous Centered
  • Pangea World Theater – BIPOC Global Communities
  • Penumbra Theatre – African American Centered / Social Justice Healing Initiative
  • Theater Mu – AAPI Centered


  • AdWeek – Stay updated on the top advertising agencies in the world, their ads, and some open positions near you. Making sure you know the vocabulary of the industry will make you stand out as a competitive candidate.
  • AgencySpy – Similar to AdWeek, Agency Spy will keep you updated on the agency business along with posting some job opportunities on the side. If you want to stay updated daily, you can sign up for email blasts that will tell you the top stories!
  • – Definitely utilize this website if you’re interested in the more quantitative aspect of marketing.
  • The Minneapolis Egotist – Creative Industry Jobs, Freelance Work & Internships

Publishing & Journalism

  • – Provides a centralized place for job seekers to research available positions throughout the publishing industry, and provides basic information about the book publishing industry as a whole— commonly used words and terms in the industry, department descriptions, companies, events, and other information.
  • – Write Jobs provides you with some opportunities in writing and editing, and also offers some writing advice.
  • – Journalism is a user friendly website that offers opportunities in — you guessed it — journalism. This website contains a much larger database and offers opportunities such as copy editors, sports writers, and more.
  • UC Berkeley Journalism Page – UC Berkeley’s Career Services website works just like any other job database out there. Most of their opportunities are located in California, but still offer some in both the midwest and east coast areas.
  • – This website might be a little overwhelming at first, because of all the text, but all of the information is actually super helpful. This resource offers opportunities and advice in writing and editing.
  • Ed2010 – Keep up with the editorial lifestyle. Learn more about what it’s like to be an editor, and find opportunities all over the country.
  • NPRWant To Be An NPR Intern? & Develop Your Journalistic Voice — Apply For NPR’s Kroc Fellowship

Museums & Libraries

  • – If you’re interested in becoming an archivist, this is the website for you. This link gives a great overview as to what an archivist actually does, and it also has a list of archival organizations. Being in on what’s happening in the archiving world is essential to succeeding in the industry.
  • American Alliance of Museums – Not only does this website offer a great number of job opportunities in the museum field, it also offers advice for going into this field. Definitely use this website to either search for jobs or learn more about jobs within the museum industry.
  • Association of Midwest Museums – The AMM is a great resource for museum opportunities in the midwest. Definitely use this resource if you want to stay close to home! (That being Carleton)
  • New England Museum Association – Not interested in staying in the midwest? Check out these opportunities on the east coast!
  • Global Museum – The Global Museum is a great resource to stay on top of the news in the museum industry. Learn about new directors, curators, exhibitions, and of course, job opportunities.
  • American Library Association Job List – The ALA is a great resource to stay on top of the library industry. Use this resource to learn more about job opportunities in libraries.
  • Association of Research Libraries – This resource is small, but mighty! Use the ARL to find opportunities in research libraries around the country.
  • INALJ – INALJ (formerly I Need a Library Job) is a great resource for finding jobs in libraries. Not only does it have opportunities listed, but it also offers advice for interviews and success stories.


  • Dance USA – This is a great resource for internships in dance.
  • Ananya Dance Theatre – BIPOC Global Communities / Social Justice Centered
  • Young Dance – Accessibility Centered, Youth Empowerment