Internship Details

DePaul University, University of Chicago

  • Location: Chicago, IL, United States
  • Department/Program: Medical Informatics (Computer Science/Biology)
  • Employer Type/Field of Work: Science/Lab Research
  • Participant Major: Computer Science
  • Year of Internship: 2013

Key Responsibilities

I worked with an undergraduate partner (under the guidance of a DePaul University professor) to co-author a bioinformatics research paper. For our project we researched a disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using a database of self-reported patient symptom data. We used various machine learning and data mining techniques to find the symptoms that were most characteristic of the illness. My responsibilities included writing code to implement data mining algorithms and writing our research paper. For what it’s worth, I had little domain-specific knowledge of machine learning/bioinformatics going into the program, but they did a great job of teaching me the skills I needed to succeed.

Participant Information

  • First Name: Sam
  • Last Name: Watson
  • Class Year: 2015

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