Employers willing to talk with international candidates will have a blue sign at their booth indicating the opportunities available to international students.

Before the Fair

1. Research participating organizations and their open roles.

  • Navigate to the list of registered employers to see the employers who are open to hiring international students. Select “Accepts OPT/CPT” or “Will sponsor or doesn’t require US work visa” on the left hand navigation. 
  • Research those organizations to make sure you are prepared to talk about how you are a strong candidate. 
  • Brainstorm the qualifications/skills you bring from your major, research, writing ability, or internship experience that are important to employers. 
  • Ensure you feel comfortable with the various work authorization regulations and visa types that might be applicable in your situation (ex. CPT/OPT/STEM Extension/H1B) so you feel you have the needed information to discuss those details with employers of interest. 
  • If you need more information on work authorization questions, stop by the Office of International Student Life

During the Fair

  • Take a minute to walk around the Fair and identify which organizations have marked the sign at their booth indicating they will hire international students and the type of role (Internship vs. Job). 
  • Prioritize that list to ensure you make time to stop at those organizations of interest. 
  • Stop by the Immigration Attorney booth to get any questions answered about the hiring/work authorization process. It will be marked “International Candidate Lawyer Booth” and will be to the left as you enter the Exhibit Hall.  
  • If there are any organizations that said online they would hire international students, but have not indicated that on the sign at their booth, it is ok to stop by their booth to clarify their hiring policy. 
  • Keep notes on what conversations went well and any action steps you need to take after the Fair. 

After the Fair

  • Follow up with any employers you had interactions with during the Fair to ensure you are aware of the next steps in the hiring process. 
  • Contact the Office of International Student Life to make sure you are following the correct steps as you move forward in the hiring process