GoinGlobal City & Country Guides

Are you thinking about interning in a city or country that you are unfamiliar with? Fear not, because GoinGlobal has guides that can help you make the transition to a new city smoother. GoinGlobal offers more than 120 country and city guides, which are written by local experts and include an array of resources specific to that city. The guides are targeted at both international and domestic individuals that are inexperienced with the city. The website also offers guides about cities in other countries.

The guides give you the opportunity of learning more about the following:

  • Finding A Job includes links to online job sites, employment agencies and other career resources.
  • Hiring Opportunities covers employment trends and industry opportunities for each country.
  • Getting the Job includes location-specific advice for preparing your résumé, real-world examples of cover letters and CVs, interview advice and detailed information on work permits and visas.
  • Professional and Social Networking resources include detailed information on networking groups, professional organizations and industry councils to help you establish and grow your professional network.
  • Living There covers everything you need to know before you go. How much will it cost for an apartment? What are the tax implications? Can my spouse or partner join me?
  • General Resources includes information such as embassy listings, trade associations, telephone directories and more.

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Things to Keep in Mind

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