Three students at a table doing some sort of work

Things to do while at Carleton to be hireable when you graduate

Employers hire entry-level employees who have both a good education AND relevant experience. There are many ways to get this type of experience during your college years.

Every year…

  • Update your résumé and Handshake Profile regularly
  • Identify why you like certain classes, activities, and jobs. Use the Transferable Liberal Arts Skills list to name what you most enjoy doing
  • Do occupational research on fields, occupations and employers that interest you
  • Learn about funding opportunities for scholarships/fellowships for future years
  • Seek advice from an alum on navigating the job market and careers that may not at first seem obvious, but are worth considering

Early in your Carleton years…

  1. Try out a variety of activities, classes, volunteer/service, off campus studies, and community and civic engagement opportunities
  2. Research what Carls have done with their majors in Pathways and learn where Carls have interned to get ideas for your future searches
  3. Participate in career engagement programs such as 30 minutes and Externships.
  4. Contact alums for informational interviews to help you: 1) Learn about career fields and interests and 2) Get ideas about possible volunteer or paid positions. Use the alumni directory to help with your search.
  5. Volunteer or develop your own experiences now so you can compete effectively for better positions in a year or two. Harsh reality:  upperclass students often beat out younger students for posted positions (because they have more experience)
  6. Visit the career center or make an appointment to learn what services and resources are available to help you meet your goals
  7. Do occupational research and clarify your career interests (through self-assessment activities, volunteering or other activities)

In your Junior & Senior Years…

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to plan your academic pursuits, and to discuss possible grad school options
  2. Research and apply for jobs and internships
  3. Develop interviewing skills through practice interviews
  4. Make an appointment with a career coach to discuss your interests and search ideas
  5. Contact Carleton alums to learn about organizations and positions that might interest you
  6. Create a LinkedIn profile
  7. Learn about professional associations (select a major and click on “Links and Print Version”) and meetings you might join