If you’re not sure how to dress for an interview, always err on the side of being overly professionally dressed. You can never go wrong with wearing a suit. Even if you can’t imagine that you’d wear a suit everyday in the job for which you’re interviewing, wear a suit to the interview to demonstrate that you take the position seriously and that you can act professionally.

Make sure you have your clothing and shoes prepared before the morning of the interview.

  • Clothes should be clean, pressed, and fit appropriately
  • Shoes should be polished
  • Hair should be neat and out of your face.

Your best bet is to prepare by conducting a practice interview with a career coach, and wear your interview clothes for feedback.

If you don’t have a suit and are unsure what to wear instead or where to find an inexpensive suit, talk with a career coach for help in brainstorming options. A student recommended Knights Chamber (located in uptown).

Here’s what you might want to bring:

  • A pen and pad of paper (for taking notes)
  • Extra copies of your résumé
  • A portfolio (or briefcase) rather than a backpack or purse
Dressing for an Interview