A good interview starts with preparation.

  • Do your research and learn everything you can about the organization. Read their website to see how they talk about themselves. Google them to see if there’s news about them. Talk to current or past employers to get the inside perspective.
  • Anticipate questions they may ask. Look carefully at the position description for clues about the types of questions they’re likely to ask. 
  • Review your résumé. Be prepared to speak in detail about anything on your résumé.
  • Prepare several questions that you can ask the interviewer.
  • Practice! Set up a practice interview with a career coach, even if you don’t have a interview yet. Have it recorded so that you can view it and critique yourself. 

For more specific information on interviewing please see the Career Center’s Interviewing Guide.

To reserve an interview room in the Career Center for your upcoming interview, please contact Sarah Rechtzigel at x4296 or at @srechtzi.