Top 5 Ways to Use your Winter Break

25 November 2020

As winter break kicks off amidst continuing uncertainty, Carleton parents play an integral role in helping Carls create meaningful opportunities that will launch them into a successful life after college. Here are 5 ways to support your student’s career and professional development this winter break.

  1. Self-care. Now, more than ever, activities & behaviors that prioritize your student’s physical and mental health wellness are essential. Encouraging rest and the implementation of relaxation techniques, when feasible, are self-directed actions that promote personal and professional well-being.Employers highly value potential employees who effectively manage stress.
  2. Self-discovery. Understanding who they are is the basis of career decision-making. Through guided conversations, your student can uncover insights pertaining to their interests, strengths, and values: What do you want to get out of your winter break (i.e., goals)? What activities do you enjoy? What types of challenges do family/friends turn to you to solve? As you listen, always ask why and look for potential themes; after sharing your observations, encourage your student to respond to these themes — what fits/doesn’t fit, etc?
  3. Career Exploration. Armed with self-knowledge (above), your student can browse Carleton’s Alumni Directory & the college’s LinkedIn page to view occupations pursued by Carls in every major, search for alumni in fields that interest them, and conduct informational interviews to gain knowledge about an organization, learn about potential career paths, and access to hiring departments in various organizations.
  4. Make a Great Impression. Student career assistants created a series of tips to help students learn how to position themselves in a virtual world and how to create great LinkedIn profiles. Winter break is a great time to encourage your student to develop their personal brand via LinkedIn, an effective platform to build connections & share their story-specific projects, experiences, skills, interests, & contacts.
  5. Create A Learning Experience. Employers from all sectors love to see experiences and projects that reflect students’ initiative, interests, & ability to learn new skills. Your student could take on a seasonal job; learn software, leadership, & creative skills via Carleton’s subscription to LinkedIn Learning; or execute an individual project (such as creating a website or blog).

Career Coaches are eager to meet one-on-one with students virtually throughout winter break. Students can email or schedule an appointment through Handshake. Please note that the Career Center will be closed the week of Dec. 21st.