Strong Interest Inventory

1 March 2021

The Career Center is dedicated to assisting all students with their career exploration. We encourage this exploration through coaching appointments, programming, and virtual resources. The Career Center has also invested in using the Strong Interest Inventory to introduce students to career possibilities.

The Strong Interest Inventory is widely used in many colleges and high schools because it helps students connect their passions and interests to industries and professions. Many career researchers believe that integrating interests with a career often leads to happy, successful professionals. Using that assumption, the Strong Interest Inventory asks students a number of questions related to interests and compares their answers to those of working professionals.

Using those results, students are encouraged to explore fields where they had similar interests. The Strong introduces students to their career personality, basic and occupational interests, and personal work styles. This information, along with additional resources and suggestions, are compiled into a packet for the student. 

Trained coaches will review the materials with the students to reflect on the implications for their academic and career-related choices, as well as to explore networking ideas that emerge from the results. Any student interested in taking the Strong Interest Inventory should contact the Career Center.