5 October 2020

Sophomorphosis presents a series of workshops that provides second-year students with a wealth of information about some key resources available to them as they move through their sophomore year, as well as the remainder of their time at Carleton. The topics included in Sophomorphosis are off-campus studies, fellowships, the writing portfolio, undergraduate research, career development, pre-health, and, finally, the path towards declaring a major in the spring.

The subject of one of the Career Center’s two Sophomorphosis workshops is the Focus 2 Career web tool, which provides a clear developmental pathway for students to follow throughout the year. This tool walks them through a process of exploring their career-related interests, values, skills, personality type and preferences. It then helps them connect the fruits of this exploration to possible majors and occupations. Students who work through the Focus 2 Career tool, and who reflect on the results with a career coach, will be better equipped to identify the career fields, major areas of study, and education pathways that are compatible with their personal attributes.

The Career Center’s second Sophomorphosis workshop is on the topic of professional presentation, with the goal being able to provide students with an introduction to how to most effectively prepare for and follow through with the internship or job application process. The workshop reviews the essentials of the résumé, cover letter, and interview with a central focus being to teach the students the importance of conducting the substantial amount of research that it takes to be an informed applicant who can communicate one’s qualifications and fit for a particular position and organization.

The Career Center has participated in Sophomorphosis every year since its inception because it provides the opportunity to reach a large number of students and introduce them to the amazing possibilities of career growth that are available to them during their second year, and beyond. We are looking forward to engaging another group of sophomores this year to help them move along the path towards succeeding in their career paths and living a meaningful life after Carleton.