#MyCarletonSummer: Julia Connelly

12 October 2017


Julia Connelly

What did you do this summer?

This summer I was a software engineering intern at Applied Predictive Technologies in Washington D.C. They do data-driven analytics for businesses. 

How did this opportunity present itself? 

 A recruiter from APT reached out to Lovelace (a computer science group on campus). I decided to pursue the opportunity because the company is very well rated as a place to work. It also isn’t too large, so I could actually make a difference during my summer. I essentially felt like a full time software engineer. I programmed relevant features and fixed bugs that eventually went out to actual clients. 

Describe a day in the life!

I spent my days interacting with the Jira board. It’s a virtual board used to keep track of all features and bugs in the software. I would claim a ticket or two, work on those, and when I was done I would move on to new ones. I spend most of my summer adding a trend chart output to the existing software.

What was your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing was the team I got to work with. It was a small team of six people including me. They were all super willing to help me when I was first starting out. They were very kind, funny, and smart. The people at APT are phenomenal. 

How did Carleton make your summer possible? 

The Career Center helped review my resume and helped counsel me through the intern offer process.