From Liberal Arts to Making a Living

22 October 2017

As with many students, choosing a career has been a bit of a puzzle for Tianna Avery. On entering Carleton College, she flirted with the idea of becoming a physician. A Carleton-sponsored trip she took during her freshman year to explore medical facilities in Minneapolis made her think again.

Read a PDF version of the article by Michael Anft, published in the Oct. 27 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education.


  • 2017-11-09 04:16:13
    John Schlaefer

    Students should be less afraid to utilize the alumni directory and email/call alums - not asking for a job but instead asking: what do you do? why do you like it? what dont you like about it? What do you regret about your career progression? What would you do differently? How did you pick this career? and then they need to formulate their own criteria for a job: i want the opportunity to live in a big city/overseas I want to work in a dynamic environment where there are new problems everyday I want to work in a field where i will have the opportunity to make enough money to live a comfortable life Etc. I feel like carls can be great at doing a number of very different jobs, but they have a very hard time picking one. asking yourself the questions above and getting advice from people who have been in your shoes can help you avoid being paralyzed by indecisiveness 10 years down the road. my two cents...