Engagement Wanted Follow-up

16 April 2009

So you’ve submitted your “Engagement Wanted” blurb, set up your profile on CarlTown, and an alum has actually contacted you! What do you do now?

1. Try to set up a specific time that is best for them to talk (Hint: they are doing you a favor, work around their schedule if possible)

2. Have a complete resume ready (Hint:  come to the career center to have it reviewed)

3. Be specific about your needs (Hint:  the more specific you can be, the better the chance they can help you)

4. If they refer you to someone they know, be sure you follow through in contacting that referral (Hint:  their professional relationships are on the line in this situation)

5. Thank them! Send a thank you note in the mail as soon as you have made contact with them. (Hint:  by showing your appreciation, it’s more likely that they’ll keep helping you)

6. Follow up with them no matter what (Hint:  they want to know what happens because of their advice or recommendations. This is how professional relationships are started and sustained)

7. Thank them! (Again and again and again as many times as they help you)

Tips from Jessica Mueller at the Career Center