Scheduling an On-Campus or Virtual Interview

Let us coordinate the interview schedule for your hiring needs. After you post your position, we will market the opportunity to students. Once the résumé submission deadline passes, you select the candidates you wish to interview, and we will coordinate the interview schedule, either at Carleton or via an online platform.

Here are a few things to think about or have in mind when scheduling:

  • Preferred interview day
  • In-person or online, including your preferred virtual platform (Google, Zoom, etc.)
  • Start and end time of interviews
  • Length of interviews (30, 45, 60 minute)
  • Do you prefer any breaks in the schedule (10, 15 minute)
  • Number of interviewers
  • If conducted in person, would you like to have a greeter available to answer any candidate questions before the interview?
  • If conducted in person, our staff would like to invite those interested and available to join them for lunch.
  • Post interview communication: Do you wish to communicate with the candidate(s) his/her offer (or 2nd round interview) or decline following the interview, or would you like to work with us and we will communicate to them?