As you describe an opportunity available for Carleton students, consider what our students will need to know in order to decide if it is a good fit for their skills, interests, and goals.

We strongly encourage you to include the following:

  • A brief but descriptive position title that signals the scope and uniqueness of the work.
  • Brief overview of your organization’s work, mission, and/or values.
  • Specific goals for the role and/or tasks the student may undertake.
  • How will the student be able to make an impact?
  • Qualities required and/or preferred in candidates. Who would be a great fit?
  • Benefits and compensation offered (or clearly state that it is unpaid).
  • Fees required (if applicable, these must be clear and up front).
  • Location and modality of the work (e.g., fully remote, hybrid, in ___ office)
  • Start and end dates. If there is flexibility, note this in the body text.
  • Application procedure, required materials, and deadline to apply. (Note: We are happy to collect these for you through our jobs platform, Handshake.)

We will also ask:

  • Is this position open to international students?
  • What class years are eligible to apply?
  • If you are affiliated with Carleton (e.g., an alumnus or parent of a current student), would you like to serve as a point of contact for students interested in learning more about the opportunity or organization prior to submitting their application? If so, what is the best contact information to list for you?

Other items to consider for making favorable impressions on our students:

  • How will this opportunity benefit the candidate and their career development?
  • Hyperlinks to additional information about the organization or role.
  • Use of keywords in your description that match what a student will search for when interested in this type of position.
  • Proofread for spelling, grammar, accuracy, and flow.
  • Expected recruiting and hiring timeline.