It’s not just about what you know and who you know, it’s also about who knows you. Carls can be the greatest resource for other Carls to explore and to advance in their professional lives. After all, who better to help a Carl than a fellow Carl?

Carls4Carls is the resource hub for Carls of all generations (as well as parents and friends) of Carls to support the career discernment and career development experiences of students and young alumni.

Ways to Help a Carl

How can I provide career advice to a Carl?

  • Join and interact with Carls on the Carleton College Alumni group on LinkedIn. You can answer questions (#AskACarl), provide resources, and connect Carls to opportunities (#ReferACarl) to the online community of alumni and students.
  • List yourself in the Carls4Carls resource list so that Carls can reach out to you with specific questions. For a limited time, students will have open access to the spreadsheet and may reach out with questions.

How can I help a Carl like me (e.g., majors, affinities)?

How do I share job or internship opportunities with Carls?

  • If you are responsible for hiring, you can post an opportunity on Handshake, our internships and jobs website.
  • If you would like to share an opportunity that would be a good fit for Carls, please let us know in the Carls4Carls volunteer form.

How can I hire a Carl?

  • Looking for an undergraduate intern for your organization this summer? Interested in hiring a Carl for a full-time opportunity? You can post an opportunity on handshake, our internships/jobs website. Remote options are especially welcome at this time. 
  • Please note that Carleton funding is available to support students who intern (remote or onsite).
  • For short-term, paid opportunities (micro-internships), Carleton is partnering with Parker-Dewey, a platform to connect employers with job seekers.

How do I help a Carl be more competitive in the job search process?

How do I help a Carl connect with other professionals?

List yourself in the Carls4Carls resource list so that Carls can reach out to you to connect with other professionals.

How do I give a Carl a professional referral?

How do I help a Carl explore industries?

How do I provide a gift to support career opportunities for Carls?

Make a gift to the Alumni Annual Fund, which provides approximately $10 million each year to the college budget.

Unsure how to best help a Carl? Or have another idea? Please fill out our Carls4Carls volunteer form.