Jan 9

Animal Rights Coalition Tabling at Sayles

Tue, January 9, 2024 • 11:30am - 1:00pm (1h 30m) • Sayles Tables

Animal Rights Coalition Logo

Are you interested in learning about the Animal Rights Coalition and what we do? Do you want to find out how to get involved and help animals in our community?

The Animal Rights Coalition works to end the suffering, abuse, and exploitation of non-human animals through information, education, and advocacy. We believe that animals matter for their own reasons and that they should not be used by human beings for profit, pleasure, amusement, or simply because it is our habit to do so.

Stop by the tables at Sayles and talk with Kelsey Hambor to learn more about the organization or open opportunities.

Event Contact: Andrea Kubinski

Event Summary

Animal Rights Coalition Tabling at Sayles
  • Intended For: Students
  • Categories: Info Session/Fair

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