General Zooarchaeology Resources

  • Archeozootheque – Drawings, photographs, and reference sketches of bones and complete skeletons, including mammals, birds, and fishes.
  • BoneID – BoneID provides visual information of osteological remains in a way so individuals can make identifications regardless of academic training.
  • OsteoID Bone Identification – OsteoID is a free, practical and easy-to-use online tool to identify animal or human bones.
  • Idaho Virtual Museum – The Idaho Museum of Natural History provides full open-access to 3D models and images of artifacts, fossils, bones and plants.
  • National Zooarchaeological Reference Resource –  A searchable database of images which can be searched and filtered by species, taxonomic level, and sex. From the Archaeological Data Service, hosted by the University of York/Historic England.
  • Russell Bone Atlas – A comparative osteology site that photographically details human and animal bones. Searchable by animal or bone.
  • Skullbook – a collection of 3D scans of bones, especially skulls. From the Australian National University.

Bird Resources

  • Aves 3D – Interactive 3D models of complete bird skeletons and individual bones. Searchable by element, species, or taxonomy. Includes both living and extinct species. From the College of the Holy Cross and collections from the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology and the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University.
  • Avian Osteology – Identification guide, searchable by element or species. From the Royal BC Museum.

Marine Resources

  • Archaeological Fish Resource – A database of photographs of fish bones, searchable by element or species. From the University of Nottingham.
  • FishBase – A searchable database of fish species with many options for search criteria. In partnership with the Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria and the Journal of Fish Biology.
  • OSTEO – Osteological database of fishes with pictures of bones and teeth. Searchable by element, location, museum collection, or species.
  • OsteoBase – OsteoBase is an interactive website designed for osteological exploration, from the entire skeleton to constituting bones. The interface provides access to pictures of a collection of osteological items, organized to compare these osteological items in different taxa. From the French Museum of Natural History.
  • Pictorial Skeletal Atlas of Fishes – A database of photographs of cranial fish bones, searchable by element or species. From the Florida Museum of Natural History.