• Gear is for students in current CAMS production classes only (patrons).
  • Getting a grant does not create an exception to the above.
  • Gear will be released only to patrons who have signed an Instrument Release form. Once this form is signed, its terms will apply to any future CAMS production courses the patron enrolls in.
  • Each patron is responsible for the gear they borrow, from pickup to return.
  • Certain gear is for certain classes.
  • Reservations are made in the order they are requested. First come, first served.
  • Nobody has the right to cancel an existing reservation except the patron who requested it. No bumping rights.
  • No same day reservations.
  • Please do not email, send a text message, or leave a voice message or Post-It note requesting a reservation.
  • Patrons are welcome to call 507 222-5434 or stop by in person during our hours of operation, or to request a reservation through Patron Portal any time.
  • Reservations not picked up before the Production Office closes for the day are automatically cancelled.
  • Circulation activity happens only when the Production Office is open. Gear does not leave the Production Office when we’re closed.
  • The Production Office checks every order before pickup; however…
  • …the moment a patron picks up an order, its completeness becomes the patron’s responsibility. Please double-check your order has everything in it you think it should.
  • As a courtesy, the Production Office will charge rechargeable batteries when possible, but battery power levels are the patron’s responsibility. The batteries you receive might not be full.
  • The Production Office checks all equipment for damage when it comes back in and acts on problems.
  • Reservations have specified lengths:
        Digital Foundations students get camera and tripod for the whole term; and
        everyone else gets anything else they’re authorized to use for two days at a time;
    except compsers, whose reservations are by arrangement, pending faculty approval of each patron’s Comps proposal.
  • A reservation can be renewed once, as long as:
        the patron requests renewal before their original reservation expires, and
        that equipment isn’t needed by another patron.
  • A fine of $25 per day will be assessed any patron who returns any equipment later than the exact return time on the reservation.
  • All equipment, including accessories, in an order must be returned to avoid a fine.
  • Fines have no grace period.
  • Fines are not prorated.
  • As soon as you arrive at the Production Office to return equipment, you are asked to sign in legibly in the Return Sign-In log with the date and precise time. A Production Office worker will verify this date and time with their initials.
  • The official time for use with the Return Sign-In Log is what’s displayed on the primary circulation computer in Weitz 139.
  • A patron who does not sign in will be assumed to have returned gear late and a fine will be assessed.
  • A patron who misplaces CAMS equipment subsequently returned to us, or who leaves gear unattended anywhere outside the Production Office, will be fined $100 per instance. Repeat offenders may lose their CAMS equipment checkout privileges for the remainder of the term.
  • The Production Office does not check out SD cards, hard drives, or headphones.